Fix QuickBooks Error Code C=51

QuickBooks software offers some excellent financial and payroll solutions to small and medium-sized businesses. Although a versatile software, sometimes the users might face- QuickBooks error code C=51, due to various issues relating to the software or the system on which it is uploaded. Calling in the accounts portal technical help team can aid in resolving the issue immediately. Solutions to the error can also be obtained through the below-mentioned steps.

When and why does Error Code C=51 appear?

Error code C=51 appears while the user is trying to delete a TXList from the lists of transaction files or delete any transaction or records from the TXLists or the reports. The reason may be due to a damaged data file with.QBW extension, or a corrupt file, with extension .tlg.

How to resolve for Error Code C=51?

Before proceeding for the resolution, remember to close down any open.QBW files, and reports on QuickBooks and shut-down the software and restart it. Try to check if the error message is still displayed. If the Error Code C= 51 appears despite restarting the QuickBooks software, then try the below-mentioned resolutions. Also, remember that you would require the corrupted QuickBooks file which is causing the error (.QBW), the.TLG or transaction log file, which is present in the same folder as the.QBW file and the backup files for the corrupted file. (if any)

Resolution – 1

  • Search and locate the damaged (or corrupted) data files, within the same version of QuickBooks software.
  • Now, repair these files to eradicate the error.
  • If even after repairing, the error is not resolved, try the next step.

Resolution – 2

  • Exit all the applications on QuickBooks software and start the software again
  • Try opening the.TxList file or whatever operation that resulted in the error code C=51
  • Try rebuilding the data to resolve the error.

Resolution – 3

Restoring files that have been backed up for use can also help to resolve the error. However, one needs to remember that the files to be restored should be done on the same or the latest version of the QuickBooks software for use. In case the versions on which the backup files are present are not the same as the version of software used presently, it might again result in an error. If you have queries regarding the same, call the QuickBooks technical support team for help.

Resolution – 4

  • If you have backup files that can be used, then restore the backup files, and copy them on a new folder (Press Ctrl+C).
  • The file size of the restored files should not be less than 6Mb. Check the properties of the file by right-clicking on the file.

A file, which is less than 6 Mb in size, will not be a true backup file. A new one (backup file) needs to be created out of the working file.

The error code C=51 can occur anytime while operating the QuickBooks software. If you want a quick resolution, call in our QuickBooks helpdesk number ✆+1-800-796-0471. Our QuickBooks technical team of experts are available 24*7 to help you. Thus, keep our QuickBooks tech support numbers on speed dial to ensure uninterrupted working on the software.