Fix QuickBooks Error Code 12029

Facing an Error 12029 in your QuickBooks desktop software? Well, errors of any kind can be quite frustrating and overwhelming especially, if you are not sure why or how it has come up.

However, the first and foremost thing to ensure before proceeding is the cause of the error and what it signifies. There is, of course, a list of error codes given, with specifications to denote what it means to the users or their software.

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Error code- 12029- why and what does it denote?

If you have code the error code 12029 on your system, you might either be updating the QuickBooks desktop software or the payroll service on it. There can be several causes to the error code 12029. Let us look at some of them:

  • Internet disconnections or network timeout can stop the QuickBooks from performing the necessary updates or operations that might make the error appear
  • Since it is an update, an internet security software or a firewall setting on the system might interfere with the update, thereby stopping it and causing the error
  • Problem with default settings in the browser- internet explorer may not be the default browser
  • The SSL settings may be incorrect

Resolution for Error code – 12029

Since the causes may vary, the troubleshooting steps may also be different depending upon the reason for the error.

Before proceeding with the two solutions, try to restore the computer to earlier time:

  • Change your system setting and start as ‘ADMINISTRATOR’
  • On the START icon, click and select ‘ALL PROGRAMS<ACCESSORIES<SYSTEM TOOLS’
  • Now, select ‘SYSTEM RESTORE’ and click on ‘RESTORE MY COMPUTER TO EARLIER TIME’ in a new window option that appears and click ‘NEXT
  • Select a ‘Restore Point’ from the list, and click ‘NEXT’ and CONFIRM
  • The restoration is complete. Restart the computer for changes to appear.

Now, check if the error has resolved. If not, proceed depending upon when or where the error has occurred.

Solution – 1 When error has occurred while Updating QuickBooks

  • To check internet connection settings in the QuickBooks, click HELP<INTERNET CONNECTION SETUP MENU
  • Verify if the connection is set to use for the computer. (Verify if it has access to the connection)
  • Click ‘NEXT’ and continue to press ‘DONE’
  • Update the software again to check if the error appears.
  • Call in for help on the accountsportal technical support numbers to resolve the issue immediately.

Solution – 2 When the error appears while updating QuickBooks payroll service

  • Click on the Internet connection set-up by pressing ‘HELP<INTERNET CONNECTION SETUP’ menu.
  • Do the same steps as above, on the solution – 1 and after pressing ‘NEXT’, click ‘ADVANCED CONNECTION SETTINGS’ to display ‘INTERNET PROPERTIES’
  • From the window, click on ‘ADVANCED’ and verify if ‘USE SSL 2.0’ and ‘USE SSL 3.0’ are CHECKED and ready for use.
  • Now click ‘APPLY’ and click ‘OK’.
  • Close the software and restart QuickBooks to update payroll service. Check if the error appears again.

The above two methods should resolve the issue satisfactorily. However, if the error persists, dial up our Accountsportal QuickBooks helpdesk to talk to the experts. There are certain solutions that can only be done or identified with a QuickBooks expert.  Since the problem may not just be with the internet settings, identifying it may become the prime concern. Keep the numbers of our QuickBooks tech support team ✆+1-800-796-0471 handy to help resolve the issue permanently.