Fix QuickBooks Error C=1 1800-796-0471 Get Solution With 2 Steps

One of the most common errors is QuickBooks Error C=1. It is usually reported by users, as a result, their work could get impacted. QB error C=1 is mostly triggered due to non-standard video setting.

It denotes that QuickBooks can’t catch from a resource. It may be that register or form is too large to fit in the window. QB application is unable to show the details.

We will discuss simple steps to resolve the error or if the user wants our technical help, they can call any time on our QuickBooks Error Support Number for further assistance.

What are the reasons behind the QuickBooks Code C=1?

The users are facing this error while development of company file. It may be QBWIN.DLL copy file has been damaged or corrupted. It can occur after restoration or backup to the new PC.

This contains non-standard video settings. The user requires to verify and make sure that it must be in a standard set (800*600 or 640*480 e.g.) and 254 colors. It is also comprised of convention invoice from that essentially copied in adding to the company data file.

How to remove the QuickBooks Error Code C=1?

Now we are describing the resolution steps in an easy way. If the user was working on Mac monitor, it could possible that Mac screen may not be large enough.

Solution 1:

  • The user needs to click on the Order now Button which is located in the QuickBooks Data Recovery. This option will be the best option for the user, it is not only completely repairs their company data file in the same version of QuickBooks, but also it will completely remove the error from their PC. The user does not require upgrading their QuickBooks versions by using the repaired data file. It assists the user to save money but also save unnecessary time. It is necessary to purchase the additional software for their task.
  • The user can easily use the data recovery service and it is available for all company files to form all version of QuickBooks (1.0(DOS)) to the present Enterprise Pro 2015 or 15.0/Premier.

Solution 2:

If the users are using Safe Mode on Windows, they need to disable antivirus and other unnecessary applications:

  • Restart the PC into safe mode.
  • Disable their antivirus software from the PC
  • Makes the newest and latest company file.
  • Restart the PC in regular mode.
  • Unlock the QB software and their company data file

Get Technical Support and Assistance for Error code C=1:

If the user faces any challenge or has any doubt about this issue during performing the data recovery, they can contact our QuickBooks Tech Support Team Helpline Number ✆+1-800-796-0471 24*7 without delay. It will connect them to our QuickBooks tech support experts.