Fix QuickBooks Error 179

QuickBooks accounting and bookkeeping software are utilized by many small and medium-sized businesses for easy and fast accounting and financial management. The software, with its multiple tools and customizable option, comes as a means of making account-related operations efficient.

Being automated software, errors might crop up sometime due to various reasons, and one such issue is the ERROR 179 or the banking error.

When such errors occur, call the QuickBooks technical support team for immediate resolution of the issue. Before calling the QuickBooks help desk for support and assistance, a few resolutions can be tried at your end to check if the problem can be fixed.

Causes for Error – 179

The error 179 can occur due to one or more of the below-mentioned reasons:

  • Problems in the reports, like negative values on the bills or invoices
  • Missing transactions
  • Data missing from the lists, such as names and so on
  • Payments already deposited reoccurring in the Payments to deposit list
  • The balance sheet incomplete and report does not show all accounts
  • Errors in QuickBooks company file

Resolution for Error – 179

Since there can be several causes for the error 179 to occur,  it is essential to try out a few solutions to check if the problem can be fixed at your end. If you are not entirely sure about the operation, call the accounts portal tech help team for support and assistance.

Resolution – I

The first step is to sign out of the bank window, from all terminals. After you sign out, ensure that no one else has signed in.

Now, sign in as an administrator, after the next step.

Resolution – II

Erasing browsing date

  • Click OPEN the chrome browser, and go to SETTINGS on the top right corner
  • Click ‘ERASE ALL BROWSING DATA/HISTORY’ to clear history
  • Once all browsing data are erased, sign in again, using the Login credentials, into the bank window, as an ADMINISTRATOR.
  • Now, check if there are any errors. The error 179 should have resolved with this solution. If not, follow the next steps.

Resolution – III 

  • Open your QuickBooks software, and click on ‘TOOLS’ option on the desktop
  • Now, select the desired financial institution – namely the bank in which the error has occurred.
  • Once selected, press and hold ‘CTRL& F3 ‘ keys.
  • GO back to the ‘ONLINE CENTRE’ and select ‘CONTACT INFO’
  • As you refresh the Financial institution, it will ask for ‘NEEDS UPDATING’ option.
  • Select ‘OK’ and ‘UPDATE/SEND’
  • A request for keying in the password will appear- enter the password, and click ‘UPDATE’
  • Update your accounts, and check if the issue is resolved.

Resolution – IV

  • Go to SEARCH OPTION on the START button of your computer, and key in the words ‘COMMAND’
  • Now, hold the keys ‘CTRL+SHIFT’ and ENTER. Click ‘YES’ when prompted, and when a black box appears, type ‘REGEDIT’ and ENTER
  • From the registry editor, select the ‘ERROR 179′ related key that needs a back-up.
  • Now, in the FILE menu, Select ‘EXPORT’ and pick a folder you want to save the QuickBooks Pro backup key.’ With Type the file name, and ‘SAVE with a ‘.REG’ extension.
  • You have now created a backup of QuickBooks related registry entry.
  • Once done, check if the error persists.

In case you come across this QuickBooks Error 179 after all the resolution steps are done, or you are not able to perform the above resolutions, call in our QuickBooks helpdesk numbers provided. Our Accountsportal QuickBooks technical team experts will be able to check for the problem and resolve it immediately to fix the problem. They offer 24/7 QuickBooks tech support on the toll-free number ✆+1-800-796-0471.