How to Fix QuickBooks Error 12031

QuickBooks desktop software works at providing small and medium-sized businesses with the tools to grow leaps and bounds. With timely updates, the QuickBooks manages to help users to fix any errors that they face when operating the software.

However, since it is software and somethings like a network or runtime problems cannot be completely avoided, users might face errors at a time when working with the software. One such error is the 12031 error or most commonly known as the update error.

There are several codes given to ‘UPDATE’ errors and each one has a different significance or message conveyed. To simplify the matter, QuickBooks gives innumerable codes to these problems and offers to troubleshoot though QuickBooks Technical Support team.


Errors such as the 12031 can occur due to a multitude of reasons, and therefore, it becomes essential to find out the exact cause before referring the issue to the technical help team or find a resolution for it.

To understand the issue in hand, let us look at some of the reasons for Error code 12031:

  • Internet Connectivity issues
  • Network timeout – preventing QB from accessing server
  • Firewall, anti-virus software or an internet security interfering with updates
  • Problem with the default browser option (Internet Explorer no a default browser)
  • SSL settings not valid


Since there can be any number of reasons why the error code has come up when updating QuickBooks, here are some resolutions that users can try out before contacting the accounts portal tech team for assistance.

Let us look at two instances when the error has occurred, and try to resolve it depending upon what the situation demands:

Error Code message displayed when updating QuickBooks software

If the error has occurred when you are trying to update QuickBooks software to the latest version, then here are some possible solutions for it:

  • On the QuickBooks home page, go to ‘INTERNET CONNECTION SETTINGS’ and click on it.
  • Does it show the ‘CONNECTION’ on which you have connected your system? If the ‘USE MY COMPUTERS INTERNET CONNECTION TO ESTABLISH CONNECTION’ is selected, and is the same as your system’s connection, then select ‘NEXT’
  • Click ‘SAVE’ or ‘DONE’ to save changes.
  • Come out of Explorer settings and try to update the software to check if the problem is resolved.

Error code message displayed when updating Payrolls in QuickBooks

If the error has occurred when you are trying to update Payroll services in QuickBooks software to the latest version, then here are some possible solutions for it:

  • Go to INTERNET CONNECTION SETUP’ in QuickBooks and OPEN the MENU option
  • Here, click on ‘INTERNET PROPERTIES’. Select the ‘ADVANCED’ tab from the list and check if ‘USE SSL 2.0’ is selected. If not, select it, and click ‘APPLY’ and ‘OK’ to continue.
  • Close the internet connection settings and try updating the payroll once again.

Both of the above resolutions work for different situations. However, if the updates still are interrupted by the error, dial up the toll-free numbers of AccountsPortal help desk to talk to the experts on ✆+1-800-796-0471. Each error code indicates a certain technical issue and a QuickBooks Experts will be able to resolve it satisfactorily, and within a stipulated time.