QuickBooks Banking Error 102

QuickBooks software integrates all the details of business’ accounts and complete the day to day financial activities of the business related to the bank account efficiently and effectively. However, there are times when the user might encounter errors like QuickBooks Error 102 which are basically categorized as banking error. This error is encountered by the user when the bank website employed by them faces technical and server issues like transfer of required data between QuickBooks software and the website of the bank or is down for maintenance. In order to resolve the QuickBooks Banking Error 102, user can try for following methods of solving the same If you have facing any problem for fixing the error call QuickBooks error support number and get support.

Account Updates with QuickBooks Software

In case the error has not taken place due to any issue with the website of the bank or maintenance of the bank website, then it is recommended to update the QuickBooks account manually. In order to start the update and garner more details about the same, navigate to top right corner of the screen. Both manual and automatic update details are provided below. User needs to perform manual update thrice, preferably in non-peak hours.

  • Manual Update: There are some specific accounts that can be updated manually only for which the user is notified under connection interview. Although automatic updates feature is provided with almost all the accounts, however, if the user cannot access the current information after going forward with automatic update option, then they need to update manually only through steps mentioned below:
    1. Click on the Banking option from the menu provided on left side of the screen.
    2. In case only certain specific accounts have to be updated, then click on the unwanted accounts to uncheck them.
    3. Click on the Update Now tab.
    4. User might be required to provide MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) credentials after which they need to select the option Continue for updating.

Manual update is valid for about 90 days with automatic download of any new changes, updates or listing. This benefit ensures that the user is up to date with any changes within the system even if they are not logged in with their account.

  • Automatic Update: In case the user is concerned about automatic update of QuickBooks software in connection with the bank then all the details regarding it are provided below:
    1. Automatic Updates are generally processed as per Pacific Time at 3:00 am.
    2. In case the server of QuickBooks online is not able to acquire the updated details for specific accounts, it will try to perform update 5 more times within next 5 hours.
    3. The information updated within the software is in accordance with the status of the FI (Financial Institution), bank, its share with the software.
    4. Some banks / FI provide the required information on alternate days, by – week, or other set time period.
    5. User cannot switch the Automatic Update ON or OFF as per their preference.
    6. They also don’t have any say whatsoever over the details being downloaded and provided to the bank register.
    7. In order to view the time of the update, user has to follow – Click on Banking option from the left side menu of the screen, followed by clicking on the Update tab located in the upper right corner and then view the date as well as the time of latest update under the category called Last Update.

User Account Login Credentials and Details

First and foremost ensure that the link provided by the bank is working accurately by trying to login into the bank account through the same URL. In case the user is not able to access the account a proper set of instructions are provided under which user can add the bank account with that of QuickBooks online account ensuring hassle free download and error resolution in future. The reason for this issue could any of the following, the user can alternatively access the transactions from the bank website and upload further into QuickBooks account:

  • Bank is not listed.
  • Connection between bank and software is disrupted.
  • More than 90 days of data is required by the user.

Verify Notifications along with Account Details

In case logging in with the account is successful, user might be provided with a notification or a message that might clue in the user as to what part of the account is acting up. Also ensure following account details can be verified without any hassle:

  • Account Summary
  • Account Transactions
  • Account History

Action Taken by the Bank

At times the best solution is to wait for the bank to take an action in order to resolve the server issue. At least time of 1 day should be provided.

Ensure the Account joining Details with the Bank

This QuickBooks Banking Error Code 102 might occur in case the user has newly opened the account with bank or the credit card. This is because some kind of account does not work securely with online banking services for which the best solution is to connect with the bank or the credit card provider.

The above 5 methods should help to narrow down the cause and thus provide with suitable resolution for QuickBooks Error 102. However, if the error still persists it is advised to connect with the QuickBooks technical Support team. In case of non-connectivity with the support due to long queue user can also try to connect with alternative support agencies like Accountsportal.co on their toll free number – ☎+1-800-796-0471 or connect through online chat support by visiting the website – Accountsportal.co.

Last modified: May 16, 2018
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