Fix ‘The Invoice is Already Being Paid’ or ‘The Invoice Balance was Exceeded’ Errors in Sage 100 AR Cash Receipts Entry

Sage 100 accounting software is a versatile software package that provides financial, HR, CRM, business intelligence, production, and distribution solutions for small and mid-sized businesses. The customization capabilities of Sage 100 make it ideal for businesses from different industries.

In Sage 100, the following error messages appear:

‘Invoice Already Being Paid’, or

‘The invoice balance was exceeded’ in Sage 100 Accounts Receivables (AR) Cash Receipts Entry.

The error could also state that the invoice balance is null or false, or invoices can’t be chosen for making cash receipts payment.


These errors occur due to the following:

  • The invoice has been chosen for making payment in a separate entry (in a separate deposit and/or batch) in ‘Cash Receipts Entry’.
  • The invoice had been chosen for payment earlier, but the entry might have been removed or there might have been problems related to power cuts or system crashes.


Reviewing Invoice Balance

1: Users must check if there’s balance in the invoice. They must go to ‘Accounts Receivable’-> ‘Main’-> ‘Customer Maintenance’ and chose ‘Customer No’. Then the ‘Invoices’ tab must be selected. Now, the required invoice must be looked for and balance, if any, in ‘Invoice Balance’ column must be noted down.

2: If there’s balance in the invoice, possibly the ‘Payments Today’ section in the invoices file must be incorrect. This means that the payment for the invoice has been done. The following steps can reset this:

  • First, all users must close the ‘Accounts Receivable’ and ‘Sales Order’ modules. Next, in the ‘Sage 100 ERP Desktop’, select ‘File’ and then ‘Run’. Now, type in ‘ARWAR4’ in the ‘Program’ section and select OK.
  • Next, chose ‘Yes’ when the message appears. Chose ‘Yes’ when the prompt appears.
  • If the error occurs again, users must take the steps mentioned below for restarting the data entry files or resetting the ‘Payments Today’ section.

The ARWAR4 Utility isn’t Functioning

Users must reset ‘Payments Today’ section for invoice contained in ‘AR_OpenInvoice.m4t’ by taking these steps:

1: Reinitializing data entry files of ‘Cash Receipts’-first, all current and valid cash receipts must be updated. Then, other files must be reinitialized.

Next, if batches are being used, Data File Display and Maintenance (DFDM) must be utilised for removing a batch record from ‘GL_CompanyActiveBatch’.

2: Modifying/editing ‘Payments Today’ section for invoice record using ‘Data File Display and Maintenance’

  • First, users must choose ‘Library Master, Utilities. Data File Display and Maintenance’.
  • Then, they must access the ‘..\MAS90\MAS_xxx\ARxxx\m4t’ files; here ‘xxx’ denotes company code.
  • Next, the ‘Key Scan’ button must be selected.
  • Then, the invoice that’s generating the error must be found and chosen.

NOTE: The record key consists of division, customer number, and invoice number:

  • Now, select ‘Edit’ and then select ‘PaymentsToday$” in ‘Field Number’. Then change the value to 0 (zero) in ‘Change’.
  • Now, select OK and exit ‘Data File Display and Maintenance’. Return to ‘Cash Receipts Entry’and makes the invoice payment.

These steps should help fix the error. But if the error still persists, or users need more information on the topic, they should contact our Sage Technical Support Team at this toll-free helpline number ✆+1-800-796-0471 for product help, application help and any other issues. Our Sage technical help desk is available to provide 24X7 help.