How to Fix Incorrect With-holdings for Company-Paid Taxes on Prior Paychecks in Sage 50?

If users have queries about how to fix incorrect withholdings for company-paid taxes on prior paychecks in Sage 50, they should read on. The uniformity and universality of the various Sage 50 applications make it applicable in businesses across all major industries. Sage 50 also offers cloud operability, which means data can be accessed from any location using the Internet and this also allows companies and teams to collaborate.

Sage 50 allows companies to run payroll at predetermined intervals and it automatically calculates wages, deductions, etc. It provides the flexibility to pay employees in the way that best suits companies and allows deductions to be customised as per the needs.

Sage 50 automates payroll processes and allows companies to better manage their employees. In Sage 50, users might be faced with the task of fixing withholdings that are incorrect for company-paid taxes on earlier paychecks.

Related to this are some other issues mentioned below:

  • Payroll amounts need to be adjusted
  • Paychecks need to be edited
  • Incorrect company-paid taxes on paychecks need to be corrected
  • Direct Deposit checks were transmitted by user without taking out taxes, which need to be corrected


1: Fields not affecting the net amount of the check must be adjusted

NOTE: Adjustments in company-paid taxes won’t have an effect on the check’s net amount.

Users must choose ‘Lists’-> ‘Employees & Payroll’-> ‘Paychecks’. Then they must locate the paycheck that has to be edited and double-click the check to open it.

• Then the adjustments have to be made in the different fields not affecting the check’s net amount. Once this is done, users must select ‘Save’

2: Fields not affecting the net amount of the check must be adjusted, and check shouldn’t be issued

  • First users must go to ‘Lists’-> ‘Employees & Payroll’-> ‘Paychecks’. Then they must locate the paycheck that must be edited and double-click the check to open it. Next, they must choose ‘Delete’.
  • When this is done, the paycheck must be recreated and the right dollar amounts must be entered in the concerned fields that don’t affect the net amount of the check.
  • • Once this is done, the check must be printed.

NOTE: If the user has issued the check and it can’t be retrieved from the employee, the user cannot edit the paycheck.

  • In such a case, user must adjust the concerned fields, mentioned above, on a paycheck in the future.
  • But if user needs to adjust, as a lot was withheld from an employee field, a supplementary paycheck must be created. In this paycheck, the refund amount must be provided in the correct field, and no salary amount must be entered.

The above-mentioned steps should allow users to fix the incorrect with holdings. However, if users are unable to do so, or they seek more information, they should contact our Sage 50 Technical Support Team on ✆+1-800-796-0471. The team of Sage 50 experts are highly knowledgeable and efficient in resolving all problems related to Sage 50 and offer 24X7 product and application-related help. The team of experts can give round the clock solutions to all users and make it a pleasant working experience for all Sage 50 users around the world.