Filing T4 Electronically in Sage 50 – Canadian Edition

The Sage 50 suite of software applications, consisting of Sage Payroll, HR, Accounts, etc. let businesses create their own solutions by integrating the programs as per their needs. Sage is a great on the go solution, as it allows cloud functionality. In Sage 50, filing T4s electronically might generate these queries from users:

  • Filing electronically for companies with 50+ employees, as required by CRA
  • Sending a modified T4
  • E-filing the T4 summary


Users must go to ‘File’-> ‘Import/Export’-> ‘Electronic Filing’ and then select ‘Export T4’s (Internet File Transfer). Next, the payroll year for which the filing is being made must be chosen.

Then, the employees that the T4 slips are being filed must be chosen. For choosing ‘inactive employees’, the ‘Include Inactive Employees’ box must be clicked. If a particular set of employees have to be chosen, the Ctrl key must be pressed and held down and all the required employees must be left-clicked.

Then, users must fill all the required information in all the tabs in the window via CRA publications and cover these topics:

Transmission Information tab

  1. Transmission method- first, the ‘Internet File’ transfer option must be chosen. If employees box exceeding 499 had been chosen earlier, Sage 50 will opt for ‘Magnetic Media’
  2. ‘Report type Code: Original’ is chosen by default. Users can modify or reject this.
  3. Transmitter Number- A magnetic media transmitter number doesn’t have to be provided.
  4. Submitter Reference ID Sage 50 displays A default number shown by Sage 50 is a tally of the number of transmissions by the user. Users can accept this number, or provide a new number for identifying the latest file submission: If an original file submission needs to be identified, 001 should be entered; if re-submission of amended slips is to be identified, 002 should be entered, etc.
  5. File Sequence Number – When users are filing electronically, they must keep track of the sequence of filings being submitted.  The number can be seen at the end of the electronic file name. By default, Sage 50 will show the last number in the submission series. Users can retain this number or create their own.

Business Information tab

1: Payroll Account Number – this is compulsory in Sage Simply Accounting 2011/2012 & Sage 50 2013 and later versions. Users must provide the 15-digit payroll account number that’s needed for filing T4s.

2: Business Type – First, the type of business must be chosen. Then, based on this, users might have to provide the social insurance number (SIN) of some of the main business owners.

3: Owner/Partner 1 SIN and Owner/Partner 2 SIN- Users must provide SIN of the main business owners/ partners.

Contact Information tab

  • Here users must provide name, contact information, and communication language that is preferred for the person to be contacted for the company’s payroll.
  • Once this is done, choose OK. Then, in the ‘T4 Box Options’ window, users must enter income and deductions in the appropriate t4 slip box numbers. Once done, select OK’
  • Next, users must determine a location on the hard drive for creating the file. Then, in the ‘Export Records Summary’ window, they must choose ‘Print’ for printing details related to transmission of the records.
  • Then, ‘T4 Internet Filing’ must be chosen in the window for going to the CRA website to provide the web access code and transferring the file that has been created. As the transmission contains the T4 summary information, users don’t have to print a copy of it for submitting to the CRA.
  • Finally, when the transmission is done, users must select OK for exiting the ‘Export Records Summary’ window.

If users are unable to complete the task, they should contact our Sage Technical Support Team at this toll-free helpline number ☎+1-800-796-0471 for help related to product, application, or any other relevant matter. The Sage 50 help desk team is available 24X7 to provide expert guidance.