How to Enter or Edit your QuickBooks Payroll Service Key

Service Key in QuickBooks is a 16 digits key or numeric password which is uniquely assigned based on your EIN and payroll service. This service key is required to be entered in the QuickBooks account in order to activate the ‘payroll service’ in your QuickBooks file. In this article, we will discuss the way to enter QuickBooks service key. So let us start digging!

How to enter QuickBooks Service Key

There are steps to enter the QuickBooks service key. They are discussed in detail in this section f the article:

How to obtain your QuickBooks Service Key?

  • The sixteen digits service key usually comes by an email.
  • In case due to any reason you do not have your service key, you can make use of QuickBooks’ ‘Automated Service Key Retrieval Tool.’ To retrieve it, simply log in to your Intuit Account.
  • Sometimes the ‘Automated Service Key Retrieval Tool’ may not work due to the following reasons:
    a) Presence of the many payroll orders in Intuit’s system for your company.
    b) If you have purchased your payroll service from a retail store, you may get this issue.
    c) A mismatch of the business phone number between your current phone number with the on record phone number in the Intuit system.

How to open QuickBooks Service key window?

  • When you don’t have payroll service in your company file then:
    1) Select ‘Employees.’
    2) Go to ‘Payroll.’
    3) Enter ‘Payroll Service Key.’
  • When you have payroll service in your company file then:
    1) Select ‘Employees.’
    2) Click ‘Payroll.’
    3) Select ‘Manage Payroll Service.’

In the Service key Window of QuickBooks:

  • In case you are not using the ‘Disk Delivery’ service then just click on ‘Add’ option if there is no payroll service mentioned.
  • If you see that the payroll service is mentioned then choose ‘Edit.’ Here you can note down the service key.

How to enter the service key in the QuickBooks

  • If you are using the disk delivery service, please enter the latest disk delivery key which you received.
  • After entering the ‘Disk Delivery Service’ please click on ‘Next.’
  • Then click on ‘Finish’ button to complete the process.
  • Now you will see a ‘Payroll Update message’ appearing on your computer screen.
  • Please click on ‘OK.’
  • Once you will click on ‘Ok’ you will notice that the payroll status will turn to ‘Active.’
  • Upon verifying the status, please click on ‘Ok.’
  • Now you would need to restart the QuickBooks Desktop.
  • After the restart, you are all set to use the payroll in QuickBooks!

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