Download Sage Timeslips 2019 With 7 New Upgraded Features

Sage Timeslips is the perfect software with extraordinary features and functions due to which it is regarded as a wonderful solution for businesses of all size to convert time into money. Sage Timeslips 2019 is the updated version of Sage Timeslips with a number of improved and additional features. It is brilliantly designed to make the billing process simpler and faster.

Many companies are dependent on the Sage Timeslips for determining time and for managing all the accounting tasks. Some important features such as time tracking and billing of clients make the work swifter and accurate. Sage Timeslips is a well-organized and competent tool to help arrange bills & statements, track payments, administrate your billable, and generate reports throughout the multiple clients.

The features of the Sage Timeslips software are worth appreciating and enormously useful. Sage Timeslips allows flexibility in a variety of time tracking and billing methods, comprising of hourly, contingency, flat fee, the percentage of achievement, interim billing, progress billing, etc.

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Improved and Additional features in Sage Timeslips 2019

• Client Contacts: Now user can track client’s contacts (Client Contacts, select Names). Client Contacts are a company that you need to track but they are different from clients. Contacts can be connected with one or more clients.

• LawPay incorporation: Customers can now pay invoices easily with the LawPay incorporation on the fly. The user can also include links of the payment with the emailed bills, permitting the clients to pay you by using LawPay.

• Electronic Billing: In this release of Sage Timeslips 2019, LEDES formats have been added. In previous releases, the included feature was Ledes1998B & Ledes1997A. Now you can use LEDES XML, Ledes1998B, LEDES 1998BI, and LEDES 2000 formats for bill auditing.

• Time Entry: Users can now make use of an additional feature of filter weekly time sheet. Select Slips; Slip Entry, and Time Sheet, if you want to hide the templates that are currently not in use to set entity templates as inactive. Now you can set up filters to establish the templates appearing on the timesheet.

• Security Profile reporting: You can now print reports of featuring Timekeeper security profiles & restrictions.

• Type Search Delay Choice: Usually when entering a name on a transaction or slip, you need to pause and reset, this might not stop on the specific name you expect. Now you can “Reset type search condition when there is no action for” choice to delay that reset.

• Previewing reports to demonstrate: In earlier versions of Timeslips, numerous lists all through Timeslips comprise a Print icon which permits to print the report. Setting this choice to Display the Print and permit you to preview the reports prior to printing.

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