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QuickBooks 2018 still gets an edge over other accounting software and over its previous version undoubtedly. You can also connect your QuickBooks with Cloud Hosting feature by Intuit so that you can access all the features anytime from anywhere. Various customized features like preparing 1099s are also supported by QuickBooks. You can easily manage and track expenses.

QuickBooks Downloads 2018

Whenever new features are introduced, they not only improve performance standards of QuickBooks but also abridge chances of errors in the software. That’s why; we recommend our users to upgrade their QuickBooks with 2018 version to start experiencing better and a whole new world of accounting software. Once you update it, you will be benefited with an additional ease of creating reports (three customizable reports: assembly shortage, stock status, and valuation). Once these features merge with the software, you get a better insight at all the levels of the business. Now, forecast your business according to inventory specificity accompanied by loaded tools that you get once upgrade is downloaded and installed.

Here are some of the latest added tools that actually improve the performance of QuickBooks 2018.

•   Notifications for Payroll and Tax: QuickBooks 2018 is now equipped with the tax and payroll reminder tool, with the help you this, you can easily get all the taxes are filed on time and run payroll on time.

•   Advanced Security Features: SSL certificates with SHA2 hash algorithm, financial data security is now enhanced and more advanced in QuickBooks Upgrade version. The .NET Framework has been upgraded to v4.6.2.

•   Quick Toggle between Cash and Accrual Accounting: Now, you can easily switch between the accounts, create a report and make changes in financial statements with the help of the reports menu.

•   Merging of Vendors: QuickBooks 2018 Upgrade enables the user to manage vendors consolidation of records of maximum 4 vendors and manage them as a group.

•   Multi-Monitor Support: This feature enables the user to work on three monitors. The user just has to keep in mind the dpi of monitor that it should support software configuration.

•   Advanced Search in Chart of Accounts: The user can easily locate and manage accounts with the help of account number or partial name.
•   Enhanced Order Fulfillment with Mobile Barcode Scanning: This new feature helps you meet sales and purchase orders. You can also record inventory remotely.

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