How to Delete a Company in Sage 50?

The Sage 50 software not only allows users to create a NEW company when required but also delete an old company, when required. The only requirement that the Sage 50 users need is a multi-company license of the software to add multiple companies. Only a user with multi-company license access can add or create multiple companies and also delete one, if and when required.

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However, before adding, make sure to take certain necessary precautions.

  • Ensure that you have a backup for the company that is to be deleted. This is because, once a company is deleted, you cannot retrieve it back. The contents of the company, all files and everything else will be lost in the process.
  • When deleting, recheck the name of the company being deleted twice, before DELETING. Since the process is irrevocable, you might lose some precious information if you select the wrong company.
  • When deleting, you need to be logged in as ADMINISTRATOR and should have access to the company that you are going to delete. For security reasons, Sage 50 software only allows those users to delete a company, who have access to it and also possess the ADMINISTRATOR access.
  • Also, DO NOT DELETE sample company in Sage 50 software as it is required for troubleshooting any issues in the software (whenever the need arises)

Also, ensure you have a Sage technical expert with you to deal with advanced solutions such as an error cropping up when deleting or any issues related to the Sage 50 software.

How to DELETE a COMPANY in Sage 50 software?

To delete a company, which you definitely not require, and after taking backup:

  • Open Sage software and click on ‘COMPANY ‘to open it
  • Now, browse and go to MAINTAIN and click on ‘COMPANY INFORMATION’
  • Here, in the company information window, note down the directory from the directory column. You might have to enlarge the window or browse left to right, to see the complete path and to find the directory.
  • Once located, CLOSE the Sage 50 software and
  • Open ‘MY COMPUTER’ and find the folder that is one level above the company directory that you noted down
  • Now, right-click on that company file and click ‘DELETE’ to delete the COMPANY selected
  • Check if the deleted company appears in the Sage 50 company list.

In case you face problems in deleting the company or not completely sure about the process, call the technical help team for support and assistance on the issue.

Errors might pop-up sometimes when one or more users have logged into the COMPANY you want to delete or EDIT. This might then stop the software from responding, creating problems with changes being made.

Call our Sage tech support team for assistance on this issue, if such errors crop up when deleting a company.

Also, remember that deleting a company translates to losing all data and everything that was present in it, irrevocably. Hence, ensure you have sufficient backup, (even if you do not require it) as a security, in case you delete any important file or a wrong company.

The Accountsportal Sage 50 Technical Support experts are available on the toll-free number ✆+1-800-796-0471. Call them for assistance regarding any issues in Sage 50 or related software.