How to Customize QuickBooks Custom Reports

QuickBooks Desktop version accords user with the option of customizing and modifying the report as per their and business’ requirement. Data along with modification of columns and rows is also possible with proper customizing of header and footer. Moreover, the user can further customize the fonts to personalize the reports.

All the data stored under different columns and rows are quite dissimilar to each for every report as all the report data is accessed differently. It is imperative to know the target and source of the report while filtering them. In order to customize the report, the user needs to follow the steps detailed below:

1. Access the report needed to be customized.
2. Under the Report screen, click on the Customize Report tab.
3. Next, in the Modify Report screen, select the tabs as per the user requirement followed by clicking on OK tab once the changes are made for following options:
a. Display tab
b. Filters tab
c. Header/Footer tab
d. Fonts & Numbers tab

Steps to Filter a Report

Filters option allows the user to set the report under certain conditions and criteria. This is the best option if the user requires to personalize the report as per their or company’s requirements along with the option for isolating purpose in case of any error or issue. To filter the report follow the steps illustrated below:

1. From the Modify Report screen select the Filters option.
2. Under the list of Filters choose the option that meets the requirement of the user or business.
3. Under the Detail Information tab of Filters, either select or provide information required for the software to work appropriately.
4. Now click on the OK tab.

Steps to Change The Font

In order to make changes of the report’s style and display, the user can play around with the Font of the report. Font size, style, and Font itself can be modified through the following steps:

1. Firstly select the option of ‘Change Font for Column’ followed by the sections wherein the change needs to be being made.
2. Now select the ‘Change Font’ tab.
3. Under the Column Labels screen, change the Font, Font Size, Style, Color and Effect for the font as per the user’s wish.
4. Click on OK.
5. Under the new screen of ‘Changing Font’, click on ‘Yes’ tab to authenticate the changes made for all the labels.

Titles are 57 characters or less. You can add subtitle characters, but the date range is no longer displayed. If a report has a customized title, click on Help in the menu bar and select QuickBooks Help to see information about the base report from which it was developed.

Custom Summary and Custom Transaction Detail Reports

User can also employ Custom Summary Report and Custom Transaction Detail Reports in order to generate any report within the software. Under Modify Report screen, the user can also apply different combos of filters and a display section for customizing the window. However, the restrictions can be posted due to limitations of both programming and accounting along with permissions set in data file.

  • Default Filter under Reports Category: If the Posting Status is stated as Posted then it is possible that the estimates, pending invoices, purchase and sales orders will not be displayed till the filter is not updated.
  • Under Custom Summary Report user has the option of All Expense / Income Accounts. These two are the only accounts displayed till the filter is not changed.
  • Under the Custom Summary Report, the columns and rows included might be different completely. For instance, user cannot input vendors under column or customers under rows as they are considered to be under ‘Name’ category.

QuickBooks has numerous already generated reports that can be easily customized by the user to include details that are required to be displayed as per company requirements. Automatic emailing of this customized reports is also an option. The reports can be easily customized by the user in QuickBooks software.

For more information on the above-listed method of customizing the reports, the user should connect with the QuickBooks customer support team set up by Intuit. In case the user is unable to connect with the team due to the long queue they should try for alternative support agencies like on their website.

Dial QuickBooks ProAdvisor Support Number and Get Support by Experts.