How to Fix Crystal Report Error 200 and CL Report Failed Login in Sage 100 ERP?

Crystal Reports in Sage 100 ERP helps design powerful and valuable reports in no time. Any problem with the report making can render the whole process useless and would have to be worked upon again, from the scratch. Errors such as the Crystal Report Error 200 or ‘CL_REPORT_FAILEDLOGIN’ can cause serious Sage 100 ERP to stop working on the report being prepared.

Since the Error encountered is specifically on the Crystal, with a code: Error Encountered- Crystal, when printing or viewing the report, it needs to be fixed according to standard procedures. The error will also specify which module the problem is encountered in – such as whether it is in the R/A module or P/R or the J/C module.

To Resolve Crystal Report Error – 200

It is essential to understand the cause of the error, before going into the resolution part. The primary cause for crystal report error 200 would be that an essential file or a resource required by the crystal to print the report is missing or is corrupted or it is not registered to be used.

Try the following solution to fix the problem in Sage 100 Crystal Report:

  • First, ‘UNINSTALL’ the WORKSTATION SETUP in the Sage 100 ERP. Call for expert assistance or Sage tech support, if you are not sure about uninstalling the workstation.
  • Now, REINSTALL the WORKSTATION SETUP once again to resolve the error.

Here again, uninstalling and reinstalling the workstation requires technical expertise and an experienced hand to do it correctly. You can either do it with the instructions provided or get help from accounts portal technical team to have an error-free resolution.


The ‘Failed login’ in Crystal Report of Sage 100 ERP occurs mostly when the report is accessing data from the software. While there might be varied reasons for this, the common reasons would be:

  • Exporting the form from ‘PREVIEW’ section of the crystal report – a copy of the file is created before displaying the data
  • Getting the form printed or previewed from the MAS
  • Or, Saving the new copy of the form back on the NORMAL PATH

This ‘FAILED LOGIN’ error can be fixed using the below solution:

  • Click OPEN the form in ‘CRYSTAL REPORT’
  • Now, in the ‘DATABASE’, open the pull-down menu and select ‘SHOW SQL QUERY’
  • Here, a list of data sources would be displayed. From the list, select ‘SOTAMAS90’ and click ‘FINISH’ to end.
  • Enter the SAGE 100 ERP credentials when prompted to enter. The SQL QUERY STATEMENT will be displayed in a window. Just CLICK CLOSE to SAVE the report.

The above resolution should work in case of the causes that have been mentioned earlier. However, if there are any other problems related to the Crystal report and you are not able to resolve it even after trying the solution mentioned, it is better to bring in an expert to analyze the solution.

The Accountsportal Sage 100 technical support team is available 24/7 for assistance regarding anything related to Sage 100 and its related products. Call on the toll-free number ✆+1-800-796-0471.

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