How to Create and Run Paychecks in QuickBooks Desktop?

QuickBooks accounting and payroll software helps the user to set-up automatic and scheduled or unscheduled payroll options, according to their requirements. There are certain procedures to be followed (since each company has different payment schedules or protocols), before setting up the software for payroll calculations.

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Creating Paychecks in QuickBooks Desktop

The software can be set to pay either scheduled, unscheduled or termination paychecks automatically, and after the end of the term. However, before creating the paychecks according to specifications ensure that you have the following list of requirements in the QuickBooks:

  • Payroll service activated
  • QuickBooks software subscription is latest and updated
  • Tax table of US is updated, wherever applicable
  • The software is set to single-user mode
  • Employee payroll items are created
  • Scheduled Payroll options or Unscheduled payroll options are set
  • Termination Payroll option is set for releasing the last paycheck

If any of the following is not set, ensure that you call our QuickBooks helpdesk to get assistance for setting up the same.

How to Create Paychecks in QuickBooks Desktop?

Creating Paychecks is mandatory for releasing automated Payroll calculations and payments in the QuickBooks. Follow the below steps for creating the Paychecks in QuickBooks software.

  • Open QuickBooks software and click on ‘EMPLOYEES’
  • Here, select ‘PAY EMPLOYEES’ and select the option appropriate option:

1. For Scheduled Payroll – When the PAY EMPLOYEES tab opens up, click on ‘CREATE PAYCHECKS’ and set a schedule as relevant. Select ‘START SCHEDULE PAYROLL’ and when ‘ENTER PAYROLL information window opens up, key-in the details.

2. For Unscheduled Payroll – When you click on it, you will be taken to ENTER PAYROLL INFORMATION window, where you can enter appropriate details.

3. For Termination Check – Similar to the unscheduled payroll. You can enter the details as appropriate.

  • Before proceeding, check the ‘PAY PERIOD ENDS’, ‘CHECK DATE’ and ‘BANK ACCOUNT’ and other details entered. Any problem or mistake in these entities can cause an error to appear or the scheduled payroll to be disrupted.
  • QuickBooks allows you the option of either Printing Paychecks on Check Stock or picking up Handwrite & assign check numbers. Select an option which is appropriate (and depending upon how you want the paychecks to be given) – handwritten or directly printed out from QuickBooks. Here again, if you have any clarifications, call the Accountsportal tech experts on the toll-free number before setting up the options or for changing it.
  • From the employee’s list, select those you want to pay (as per the scheduled payroll):

1. Here, if you want to EDIT an employee’s paycheck information (for one paycheck only), you can do that by clicking on employees name and entering the details.

2. There are options for modifying amounts, DIRECT DEPOSIT and other details which can be edited wherever required.

3. Each employee details can be edited this way.

  • After completion, click on ‘SAVE & CLOSE’.
  • When the ‘ENTER PAYROLL INFORMATION’ window appears, click ‘CONTINUE’ and in ‘REVIEW AND CREATE PAYCHECKS’, verify the ‘CHECK/DIRECT DEPOSIT’ options.
  • After verifying the amount entered for each employee under ‘REVIEW AND CREATE PAYCHECK’, select ‘CREATE PAYCHECKS’
  • You can then print Paychecks to complete the process.

Payroll process is extremely crucial and therefore, needs to be carried out judiciously. In case of any doubts, call our QuickBooks Technical Support help team on ✆+1-800-796-0471 to assist you in the process. Our technical support team knows all about the scheduled and unscheduled payroll options and how to set up employee records in QuickBooks for quick and instant payments.

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