How to Create and Email an Invoice in Mobile

QuickBooks software is adept in handling almost all kinds of accounting tasks making it one of the most sought after software by businesses all over the world. Users can now take up other productive tasks of the business ensuring systematic growth and increasing profits as the resource put in for completing financial activities are rendered free. With cloud hosting option available now, the software can also be accessed at any point of time and from any device including mobile phones.

This option accords users with the facility of generating and mailing important paper from the comfort of their home or while they are on road. One such paper or document that many users employ is called an Invoice. This document is provided to the customers of the business having a detailed product bought description. It consists of the information regarding the product or services purchased by the customer as to the total cost charged for it. The user of QuickBooks can also input details about the amount yet to be paid by the customer so that a track can be maintained as to when and how the owed payment is to be paid.

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How to Create and Email an Invoice in Mobile

Suppose there is an emergency and user needs to generate and mail the invoice urgently to the customer, they can do so through QuickBooks hosted on the mobile phone. For this they just need to follow the steps detailed below:

  • Open the QuickBooks software, locate the invoices option from the menu bar in order to start a new invoice.
  • From the list of customers added within the software click on the customer for which the invoice is to be created. In case a new customer is to be added, then click on the ‘+’ icon, located at the bottom part of the window. (User can add the customer from their contacts list or type in their name and details including payment terms and notes about what is to be done for them)
  • Click on the Save tab in order to create a new invoice and then add in what all have been purchased by these customers.
  • Now lastly click on Save again to preview the invoice in the format it will be shown to the customer.

The user can customize the way their invoice looks in QuickBooks with cloud hosting on the web. They can edit the invoice and can create a note or attach an existing one. When a note is generated, the user can even attach a photo to it. So if the user is at the customer site and they did a beautiful job for them just snap a photo and attach it to the invoice. When the user is ready with the invoice they can mail the same through the following steps:

  • Tap the circle to include the photo in the email
  • Add the customer’s email address and send
  • When the customer receives the email they’ll see the photo and invoice

The user can also copy the invoice to create a new one that has the same items, print the invoice to through their wireless printer and also delete the invoice. With the above steps in hand, the user can generate and mail the required invoices through the mobile phone. If any issue is still faced, Intuit customer support team for QuickBooks can be contacted for immediate resolution. However, in an emergency user can also go for alternative QB support agency like by calling on their Toll-Free Number – ☎+1-800-796-0471.