The entrepreneurs have so many options to pay bonus to their employees. It is also helpful to manage the regular paycheck or create a separate bonus paycheck for the amount only. The user also can pay a gift bonus though the paycheck. Grade and performance reward assist the employees and enhance self-motivation and encouragement. It is also capable of handling lodges. It is necessary to book the bonus payment for all users in the company. If there is any query or concern related to bonus payments or information regarding other issue, at this time you can contact QuickBooks Support Number for any assistance.

Accruing Bonus

The user can pay employees with different method and distribute the bonus to the employees. Many business owners pay monthly 5% bonus to all users, on the other hand, some company pays bonus only on a few specific occasions.

The user can use QuickBooks Accounting software for maintaining the record of bonus payments. Records assist in future if any user complains about any bonus with the concern. As a result, the company can simply verify that issue. So, maximum business owner will make their bonus payment to their users like other payment & transactions. All payments should be recorded for accounting purposes.

Tax Withholding

Mainly, there are two types of taxes, first are federal taxes and second is state tax. QuickBooks will automatically add taxes and guide it to add the taxes. Federal withholding or to calculate the supplemental rate, they must manually change the amounts calculated on the paychecks.

Recording Bonus Payments

The bonus is above amount of pay and payment over as per hour rate or base salary. If a business owner gives bonus to its employees on time, it shows that the organization is totally an employee centric. Every employee will work hard to get these facilities. As a result, organization will grow rapidly and it will improve motivation, moral, and productivity. Business owners can distribute bonus randomly and it can be specified by an employment contract.

Budget overview

Before distributing the bonus to employees the business owner would calculate budgets, estimate and collect the company profit or income that how much company gives a bonus to their employees.

Bonus requirement

Many start-up businesses require dedication to grow up the company accounting level. It’s important for the new startup business owner to use QuickBooks accounting software that assist in managing all profit and loss of a company.

How to create bonus paychecks in QuickBooks?

The user needs to follow below step to record bonus payment of company’s users:

  • Open QuickBooks software.
  • Go through the software and select the Employees.
  • Select the run drop down and click on bonus option.
  • Select Continue and enter the pay date.
  • Click on the checkbox and select the bonus run.
  • Enter the bonus amount for each worker and employee.
  • A message will appear on the memo box of pay stub or check.
  • Select the Next button and click on the checkboxes.
  • Select the preview payroll and click on review the payroll button.
  • Select on review the payroll button.
  • Here the user can take print of their payroll.
  • Complete the finish payroll and submit the bonus payroll.

For more information the user can visit our website The user can call us on our 24*7 assistance Toll-Free Number ☎+1-800-796-0471. The QuickBooks Technical Support team is very helpful and supportive of its customers. On the other hand, if the user wants to connect with us on chat support, the user can help.

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