How to Create and Add a Memorized Transaction in QuickBooks?

QuickBooks software has an important feature known as the Memorized Transaction which is of great help in managing business transactions and finances. The basic advantage of this feature is that the software is capable to memorize daily transactions of a business like memorizing bill transactions, invoices, payments, statement charges, checks etc. Users can schedule a time in QuickBooks Desktop to remind the transaction to the users or enter the transactions periodically on behalf of the users. You can also edit or delete a previous memorized transaction.

Let us find out below how to create and add a memorized transaction in QuickBooks?

How to create a memorized transaction in QuickBooks?

  • Create the transaction exactly in the way that you want it to memorize.
  • Go to QuickBooks Accountant
  • Go to Edit Menu of QuickBooks
  • From the list, choose Memorize Transaction
  • A Memorize Transaction window will appear
  • All memorized transactions will be found under Lists
  • From there, enter the name for the transaction that needs to be memorized in the required field.
  • You will have the following 3 options to choose from to handle the memorized transaction
    • Add to my Reminders List: It will be added to the memorized section.
    • Do Not Remind Me: It will not be added to the memorized section.
    • Automate Transaction Entry: When this option is chosen, your transaction will be automatically entered as per the due date is given by the user in the field How Often and Next Date
  • After this, fill in any other important information that needs to be added in the Memorize Transaction window
  • Click OK
  • Click Save & Close
  • Close the window.

How to add a memorized transaction in QuickBooks?

  • Open the transaction which requires to be memorized
  • Click on Memorize.
  • Click on Add to Group if the transaction needs to be added to a group
  • Choose the Group Name.
  • Click OK.

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