How do I Create an Invoice in QuickBooks?

Invoice is a document that is generated when the customer initiates a purchase of product or service and proposes to make full payment of the same at a later decided date. In such a case, the user can generate the invoice in the accounting software – QuickBooks. This document basically consists of details regarding the customer and the product/service bought by them as well as the money owed by the customer to the company.

Create an Invoice in QuickBooks

  • In order to generate a new fresh invoice in the QuickBooks, software user needs to open the software, navigate to ‘Customer’ tab from the main menu bar and then select the option of ‘Create Invoices’ from the next down menu.
  • In case the user wishes to try different types of templates, they can do so by clicking on the ‘Template’ tab located on the right side of the invoice screen in the upper part. This will accord user to pick and choose an invoice template meeting most of the needs of the customer.
  • Initially, when an Invoice is created in QuickBooks, customer information is to be provided in complete detail for which the user can select the option of Customer Job from the menu (drop-down) in order to select the customer from the list of customers already filtered.
  • User can go for alternate details listed under Bill To and Ship To fields under the form.
  • Once the user has selected the customer from the given list, the details input earlier for the same will be filled out automatically in the form in the correct fields. In case the user wishes to type in the required details manually then they will need to provide sales terms from the drop-down menu of Terms while Sales Tax Code and Sales Tax Rate need to be provided under Customer Tax Code and Customer Tax Rate drop-down respectively.
  • Once complete information of the customer has been filled in, date of the invoice will be set against the Date field which will make the ‘Invoice #’ increase itself on its own to a next number of the Invoice available.
  • Next step is to provide information for all the items purchased and needed to be noted down. For this user needs to click on the preferred option from the ‘Item’ column under each row employed for the line item.
  • The options displayed under the drop-down list are generated from the ‘Items List’. This list basically utilised while managing goods and services, subtotals, discount and sales tax lines.
  • Next, specify the information regarding the quantity and rate of items purchased for which details will be provided against field ‘Qty’ for quantity and ‘Rate’ for the rate of the item.
  • User can also opt to provide the amount of information under the ‘Amount’ field. In case the user accords both rate and quantity apart then the amount is calculated on its own.
  • To print the invoice later, check the ‘Print Later’ checkbox in the ‘Main’ tab of the Ribbon at the top of the window.
  • To save the invoice and close the window when finished, click the ‘Save & Close’ button. Alternatively, to save the invoice and leave the window open, click the ‘Save & New’ button.

Once the invoice is generated in the software an automatic record is created by the software under the Accounts Receivable section. In case the user wishes to view how much is owed they can do so by going through the Chart of Accounts sections.

If there is an issue with the steps above and the user face problem in creating the Invoice, they should immediately connect with the QuickBooks customer support team set up by Intuit. Suppose the user is unable to contact the support team due to the long wait, they can try alternative support agencies like on their website for the live chat.

For more details Contact QuickBooks Tech support number ☎+1-800-796-0471 and get the help.