Configure Firewall and Internet Security settings for QuickBooks Desktop

Internet security and firewall in the system can cause block internet access to many programs including the QuickBooks software and thereby cause errors to occur during an update or while performing certain operations. While updating the firewall to the latest release can solve the issue, the only way to resolve it permanently is by configuring the firewall manually to give QuickBooks its necessary access.

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If you are not confident about doing the operation manually, dial up our QuickBooks technical Support experts for suitable guidance and assistance.

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Configuring Firewall for QuickBooks:

One can automatically configure firewall ports in the system by downloading QuickBooks file doctor and running it successfully on the system. While the tool can configure the firewall on its own, it may not be able to open up ports relevant to QuickBooks sometimes, and hence can create errors.

Configuring firewall system manually can help resolve the problem permanently.

Manually Configuring Firewall for QuickBooks:

Cloud Hosting SupportThere are some specific ports assigned to the QuickBooks software, depending upon the version of the software.  Let us look at the steps involved in configuring a firewall system for QuickBooks:

  • Open Windows search bar and key-in the words Windows Firewall
  • When the options appear, click on Windows firewall to open it
  • Browse to find Advanced Settings and click on it to open
  • Now, right-click on the ‘Inbound Rules’ and click to select ‘New Rule’
  • Click on the appropriate port for your version of QuickBooks, select it before clicking on NEXT
  • When Protocol and Ports window opens up, click on TCP to select it and enter the Port as relevant to your version of the software:
  • For QuickBooks version 2016 – 8019, 56726, 55368 – 55372
  • For QuickBooks Version 2017- 8019, 56727, 55373 – 55377
  • For QuickBooks Version 2018 – 88019, 56728, 55378 – 55382
  • For QuickBooks Version 2019 – 8019, XXXXX (Where XXXXX is the assigned port which can be obtained from QuickBooks Database Server Manager>Port Monitor). Note down the port number before configuring the firewall
  • In case you have multiple version of the software, you need to configure the firewall for each version separately, giving different port numbers, as relevant.
  • Once you have entered the port number, click on Next and select ‘Allow the Connection’
  • Click on Next, and when prompted, ensure all the profiles are checked and click on Next
  • Now, give a relevant name to the rule (since it is a new inbound rule). Make sure to make it explicit that the rule is set for QuickBooks. Click on Finish, when done.
  • Now, once again, go to the Advanced settings on the Windows Firewall and
  • Right-click on Outbound Rules < New rules and follow the same procedure as before, by giving the port number and a new name for the rule.

Sometimes, despite the rules set for QuickBooks, errors might occur and can disrupt our connectivity to the software. In such cases, create specific exceptions for certain programs in QuickBooks to use windows firewall.

To Create Exceptions in the firewall for QuickBooks programs

Since QuickBooks uses executable files to perform, click on these executable files to select them and then follow the below steps:

  • On the windows search bar, key-in Windows firewall
  • Now, click on Advanced Settings and when the window comes up, click on ‘Inbound rules ‘and New Rules
  • Now, select Program and click on Next
  • From the list, click on This program Path, and browse to find the file location
  • Click Next, and click on ‘allow the connection’ and Next and check if all profiles are marked
  • Click Next, give the rule a name and select Finish to complete
  • Repeat the same for the Outbound rules for that specific program file.

With this exercise, the firewall settings on the system are configured to allow internet access and other permissions to QuickBooks software.  This will also prevent the errors from cropping up in the software when it is updated.

In case the error persists even after configuring the firewall manually, the problem may be due to some other issue within the system or the software. Dial up the Accountsportal QuickBooks Technical Support number ✆+1-800-796-0471 to talk to our QuickBooks help desk experts. The issue can be resolved and firewall configured successfully with the help of QuickBooks experts.

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