Combine QuickBooks Reports: How to Integrate Two or More Data Files?

Integration of more than two files and reports together is called Combining QuickBooks Reports. This allows user to view two and more related sections of the business together in order to ensure user can have the overview of the business under one report only. Before proceeding with the integration of two or more reports, following points need to be kept in mind:

  • In order to to make the reports easier to understand and function, it is better to generate chart of accounts in different company files as similar as possible.
  • Accounts will only get combined in case they are of same name, follow same hierarchy and are of same type in each report level.
  • Accounts which will face issue in getting integrated with each other are:
    β—‹ Accounts placed at the different level of hierarchy like Printer Account cannot be combined with sub account for Printer.
    β—‹ Name difference as in Telephone and Phone Account cannot be combined together.
    β—‹ The difference in Account numbers.
    β—‹ Different characters in the account name as in one is denoted with account number and the other report does not consist of the account number.
  • All the accounts are defined by β€˜Type’. Under this type category accounts are further marked as per their order of completion in first company file followed by same order in the second one.
  • It is quite possible that the user might have to log in to their QuickBooks account under multi-user mode in order to run a parallel with the combining reports feature.

Combined Reports Tool Integrated within QuickBooks Enterprise Desktop Version:

QuickBooks Enterprise version is outfitted with the combine reports feature from the outset ensuring users have an easy job of maintaining the reports and view the standing of the business. This tool accords users with the opportunity to combine reports from numerous company files. The following list of reports can be combined through this feature:

  1. Balance Sheet Summary
  2. Balance Sheet Standard
  3. Profit & Loss by Class
  4. Profit & Loss Standard
  5. Cash Flow Statements
  6. Trial Balance

In order to combine reports user needs to follow the steps detailed below:

  1. Open QuickBooks software, locate Reports tab from the main menu and then click on the option Combine Reports from Multiple Companies.
  2. Next select the tab of Add Files and then navigate to the locate of the other report and then click on Open. Follow the same steps for other files that need to be combined.
  3. Now select the reports which needs to be combined under the option of Selecting Reports for combining.
  4. Now under the date range provide the time period for the reports in the format of From and To.
  5. Choose the basis for the reports.
  6. In the Excel select the option Combine Reports. This will showcase the combined report’s information in the new Excel Spreadsheet.

In case the user is employing QuickBooks Pro or Premier version, they need to follow the instructions displayed in the following two points. For users with QuickBooks for Mac software, only 2nd option is available.

1. Third Party Software: There are many third party software through which reports can be combined. Some of the most advanced and easily integrated ones are available in the Intuit Marketplace. These applications are adept in generating combined reports from multiple files without any hassle.

2. Manually Export Reports & Combine them through Microsoft Excel: In order to complete this process follow the steps displayed below:

  • Open the first company file.
  • Generate the report for this file.
  • Export the report to a worksheet in an Excel worksheet and then save the workbook.
  • Close the first data file and open the second one.
  • Create the same report for the second data file.
  • Export this report to a new worksheet in the same workbook and save.
  • Open Microsoft Excel and open the workbook.
  • Manually combine the two reports into a third worksheet.
  • Save the workbook.

This should help to generate a combined report for multiple files. In case there is any issue in any of the process, it is better to connect with Intuit hosted QuickBooks customer support team. In the scenario of no connection with the customer team due to long queue user can approach alternative support agency like

If you don’t know how to combine QuickBooks reports then you can call us at our QuickBooks Enterprise Number ☎+1-800-796-0471.