Sage Error: Cannot Select Invoices for Cash Receipts Payment in Sage 100

All about Sage Error: “Cannot Select Invoices for Cash Receipts Payment in Sage 100”

Common errors that occur with Invoices are-

  • Cannot select Invoices for Cash Payment in Sage 100
  • Incorrect or zero balance
  • Invoice Already Paid
  • Invoice Balance exceeds in both Accounts Receivable and Cash Receipts

Following are causes for the above-mentioned errors:

  • In the Cash Receipts Entry, the invoices are already selected for payment.
  • The entry might have been already selected for payment or deleted or workstation might have crashed because of a power outage.

The solution to the above-mentioned errors is listed below:

  1. Check whether the invoice had any balance
  2. Then, select Accounts Receivables à Main Customer Maintenance and select Customer No.

If the error persists, these steps have to be followed:

If the ARWAR4 utility method does not work you can go for another method by resetting the AR_OpenInvoice.m4t.  This can be done by following the steps given below-

– Update all cash receipts and reinitialize Header file (Contact our experts to know more about the header files)

– Use Data File Display and Maintenance (DFDM) to delete records from active batches in “Payment Today” field

– Make the given selection Library MasterĂ UtilitiesĂ Data File Display and Maintenance and open AR_OpenInvoice.m4t file

– Select the button “Key Scan” which would locate the invoice which is causing an error. Click on “Edit” button and select “Field Number” from the “PaymentsToday” file. In the “Changes” field write 0 and click on the “OK” button and exit from the area named “Data File Display and Maintenance”

– Next, go to the section labeled “Cash Receipts Entry” to make payments for the invoice.

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