All about QuickBooks Java Install Error 1601

QuickBooks software is versatile and extremely useful when we are looking at taking care of financial and accounting part of small and medium-sized businesses. With its reliable and customizable tools, this software helps us handle payrolls, invoices, receipts, bills and much more, all within easy and comfortable time-frame.

While the QuickBooks tech team is there to take care of every small unavoidable interruption, something like Java installs Error 1601 can also be fixed through simple resolution steps at our end.

What is Java install Error 1601?

A common error that one faces during installation of QuickBooks software are the ‘JAVA INSTALL ERROR- 1601′. Such errors are caused due to various reasons, such as interference with another external application or problem with installation disk and so on. The Java install error 1601, pops up when one tries to install QuickBooks on a computer.


The reasons may be due to:

  1. Computer not restarted after installing or updating files in the software
  2. The windows installer is damaged or disabled due to various reasons.

The error message will read:


Since such errors can stop the QuickBooks operations, it can be quite frustrating, unless it can be rectified. One way to deal with this problem is to dial up the accountsportal technical help team for assistance.

In the meanwhile, you can also try the solutions given below to check if it can be rectified at your end. Some steps mentioned below might require the expertise of QuickBooks software and its related applications too.

How to resolve Error – 1601?

The Error 1601 can be resolved by restarting the computer, and trying out one or more of the following solutions:

Solution – 1: To check if the Windows is disabled

  • Start the computer, and go to ‘START’ and enter ‘msc’ in the search window.
  • On the screen that pops-up, select ‘SERVICES (LOCAL) and right-click on ‘WINDOWS- INSTALLER and PROPERTIES
  • Now, on the ‘STARTUP-TYPE in properties, check if it is ‘DISABLED’. If disabled, select ‘MANUAL’
  • There, click on ‘SERVICE STATUS’ and set it to ‘START’ to enable Windows. If it was the Windows installer issue that made the Error 1601 appears, this resolution will solve the issue. If not, proceed to the next solution.

Solution – II Reregistering Windows Installer

To register the Windows installer again:

  • Go to ‘START’ and click on ‘WINDOWS+R’
  • Now, in the command prompt, key-in the message ‘exe/unreg’ and ‘OK’
  • A pop-up message asking for confirmation will appear. To confirm, click ‘OK’
  • Again, click on ‘START <WINDOWS+R
  • Now, in the command prompt, type ‘exe/regserver’ and click ‘OK’
  • Once the confirmation message appears, click ‘OK’ to confirm and check if the error 1601 has disappeared, by installing QuickBooks software. If not, try to download the new version of windows installer.

Downloading the new and latest windows installer and trying to install it on the computer will resolve the problems related to Java Install Error 1601. If it is still not working, it is time to call for assistance. The QuickBooks technical support team or the accountsportal tech experts will be able to help you check out the problem and resolve it immediately.

Since QuickBooks software is indispensable to small and medium-sized businesses and an interruption can cause a lot of delays, it is advisable to consult a QuickBooks expert to resolve the issue. With our QuickBooks tech support help available 24*7 at ✆+1-800-796-0471, you can work on the software uninterruptedly to make the most of its features.