How to Add a User in Sage 50 Accounts?

Sage 50 accounting software users can add or delete users in their Sage software accounts, depending upon requirements. There are times when one moves from a single-user account to a multi-user account or you need to include an additional system in the network for using Sage 50 software. Unless this system or the USER is not added to the software, Sage 50 account will not be accessible to the user.

Since in a company, not getting access to the software might not sync well with the working flow, the specific USER can be added through a series of steps. Once added, that particular user or the system will be able to access the software, its tools and also the company file.

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New User Profile and Security

Before adding a USER, you can set-up certain security measures and ‘ACCESS LIMITS’ to the user, depending upon the requirement. You can fix this up before adding the user and set up a username and password for accessing the software.

Adding a NEW USER in Sage 50 software:

Before proceeding, check that you have the ADMINISTRATOR RIGHTS set for the Sage 50 account. Only the system or the user who possess the ADMINISTRATIVE RIGHTS can ADD, DELETE or EDIT users in the software.

First, log-in as an ADMINISTRATOR and –

  • Click on ‘MAINTAIN’
  • From the list displayed, select ‘USERS’ and click on it
  • Here, when prompted, click on ‘SET UP SECURITY’ and click ‘OK’ after reading the warning message
  • Again, from the options displayed, select ‘NEW USER’
  • When prompted, enter a USER NAME and PASSWORD for this particular user. This is a security window. Make sure to set up a User name and password which you will have access to, and also remember when necessity arises in future.
  • After setting a suitable user name and password, you need to choose the ACCESS LEVEL for the user. Here, read the access limits listed in the window, and decide and choose the one that you find appropriate for the new user who is being added
  • Once done, click on ‘SAVE’ and ‘CLOSE’

The new user is now added to the Sage 50 account access. Check if the user is able to log in with the user name and password set. If you encounter an error at this stage, call the Sage technical help desk for guidance on the issue.

Adding an OLD USER from another company

The user settings in Sage 50 software are specific to a company. Hence, a user needs to be added or deleted individually from each COMPANY for accessing the files. To add a user from a different company:

  • Open Sage 50 software and click on ‘MAINTAIN’
  • From the list, select ‘USERS’ and click on ‘SET UP SECURITY’
  • Since the user being added is present already in a different company, you will be able to view the user on the list of users displayed. Find the USER under the ‘USER NAME’
  • Now, once located, click on ‘ADD USER TO THIS COMPANY’ to add them to the present company, and click ‘OK’ to SAVE changes

Now, the user has access to the present company also. This adding or deleting a user requires care and serious consideration when setting up access to company files. Get an expert with you to make the process more streamlined. The Accountsportal Sage 50 technical support team is available 24/7 for assistance regarding Sage 50 and related products on ✆+1-800-796-0471.