How to Add a User and Delete a Company in Sage 50 Accounts?

Sage 50 accounting software comes with various features to make it easier for the users to run their businesses effectively. Some of its features help the users to integrate almost every part of their accounting into the software and make it automated and easier to work upon.

Two such features are adding a new user in the company file and deleting a company on the Sage 50 software. In this article, we will look at how to add a user and delete a company in Sage 50 accounts.

How to add a user in sage 50 accounts?

For easy operation and access, a new user needs to create a COMPANY file to store and evaluate all information. It is a simple process to add company file to your Sage account.

To add company file:

  1. OPEN the Sage 50 COMPANY FILE
  2. Select ‘MAINTAIN’ tab at the top of the MENU bar and
  3. From MAINTAIN tab, click on ‘USERS’
  4. From the list displayed, select ‘SET-UP SECURITY’
  5. Here, once the USER SECURITY window opens up, select ‘NEW USER’
  6. On the ‘USERS RIGHTS’ window, key-in the USER NAME AND PASSWORD for the new user and answer the following question relevantly: “WHAT TYPE OF ACCESS THIS USER NEED?”. Sage 50 software gives options to pick from, to facilitate easier selection.
  7. The NEW USER will now be added to the software. Close the USER SECURITY window, to SAVE the changes.

The new user will now be able to access the Sage 50 accounts. In case there is a problem or an error when adding the new user, call the Sage 50 support team on their toll-free numbers for assistance.

How to Delete a Company in Sage 50?

Sage 50 software allows a USER to delete or edit or modify any company file, depending upon their necessity. Although the Accountsportal expert advices caution before attempting to DELETE any company file since once deleted, they cannot be revoked back. Also, before deleting, check if there is any information that might be necessary or take a back-up to be on the safer side.

To delete a company file:

  1. Click- Open the ‘COMPANY’ tab on Sage 50 software and
  2. Select the tab: ‘MAINTAIN & COMPANY INFORMATION’ and verify the directory in which the COMPANY file is present. If you cannot find it, try going through: FILE<OPEN COMPANY and check the list to locate the file, say ‘XXX’ from the menu and note down the directory.
  3. Now, close SAGE 50 software and
  4. Click-Open ‘MY COMPUTER’ and Browse to find the directory in which the file ‘XXX’ is located.
  5. Open the directory and find the COMPANY FILE to be deleted. Right-click on it to DELETE it.
  6. The company file will be deleted from the SAGE 50 COMPANY list, and will not appear on the software directory again.

Although deleting a company file is a very simple process, a wrong or misplaced operation can do a lot of damage to the working of the software. What if you delete the wrong file or note the wrong directory where another file of the same name appears? Hence, perform this operation with care, or call our Sage 50 technical support experts to perform the operation to be on the safer side on ✆+1-800-796-0471.

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