Know About Sage Capture, Sage Contact, and Sage Intelligence

About Sage Capture

Sage Capture is Sage 50 cloud’s new mobile app that can be integrated with MS Office 365. The app lets users create vendor invoices and payments on the fly. To do so, users just have to click a photo of a supplier invoice/receipt, save it on OneDrive, and then post the transactions at the Sage 50 cloud company. While uploading the photo, users can also enter a related transaction. Irrespective of the user’s location, expenses are recorded.

The process of Sage Capture

  • Once the app is downloaded and opened the first time, users will be prompted to log in with their MS Office ID, allow the Sage 50 cloud Capture App to access company data, and then generate an a4-digit password.
  • The camera will open by default and users must swipe right for going to the main menu.
  • Users can create a transaction by using the captured image or by selecting ‘Image Only’. Then, users must choose the type of transaction and complete the necessary fields for recording vendor invoice/receipt. If there’s instant payment of an invoice, the payment can be recorded as a part of the transaction. The app only records full payments. Transactions are recorded in the user’s Sage 50 Company.
  • The clicked image is stored in OneDrive and related transactions are downloaded to the user’s Sage 50 company that has a link to the image. Sage 50 cloud is regularly synchronized with Office 365 and tracks all new transactions via Sage Capture.
  • The app is available for iOSand Android.

About Sage Contact

Once Sage 50 company data and Office 365 are synchronized, Sage Contact imports all Sage 50 customers and vendors in the form of ‘Contacts’ in  Outlook 365. When contact details are updated, or new contacts created in Outlook 365, they are imported to the linked Sage 50 company when it is opened next.

The Sage 50 add-in feature can be used to display financial data of user’s Sage 50 cloud contacts when emails are sent or received in Office 365. Users can create new contacts, link email IDs with current Sage contacts, and also look at customer and vendor information.

The process of Sage Contact

  • Users must choose the Sage 50 Contact from the contacts list; the contact will be present in the ‘To’ section. Then, users must choose the Sage Contact icon and the customer/vendor information will be displayed to the right under ‘Sage Contact’. This is a summary of financial information and contact details.
  • The ‘History’ tab displays amount due and the previous five invoices and payments; users can also add notes. The contact information can be modified using Sage Contact and changes made within Office 365 are imported to Sage 50.
  • If an email address isn’t present for creating an email, users can link it to an existing contact or create a new one. For creating a new contact, users must provide the information on the right.

About Sage Intelligence

Sage Intelligence lets users view financial reports on laptops, tablets, or smartphones without going to Sage 50 cloud company. The new Sage Intelligence UI has these features:

  • Users can create new folders in ‘My Reports’ and keep custom reports organized
  • The new ‘Options’ button has a list of report options
  • Users can edit ‘Name’, ‘Description’, and ‘Report’ in custom reports
  • Reports can be exported to PDF
  • The ‘Help’ resources are available in the Help icon

The Process of Sage Intelligence

  • Sage 50 Intelligence Reporting Cloud can be accessed from the Office 365 portal.
  • Once the Sage Intelligence window opens, the information will be loaded automatically if the user’s company is connected. If there are multiple companies, users must choose ‘Data Load’ and then the company that’s to be loaded. There are two options on the main menu: ‘My Reports’ and ‘Standard Reports’.
  • Users can run, copy, and export the ‘Standard Reports’. Users can create their own reports and also edit and delete them.

For more information/assistance, please contact the Sage 50 Technical Support Team at this toll-free number ☎+1-800-796-0471.