QB Error: Unable to Send Email From QuickBooks to Outlook?

At times while working on the QuickBooks Software, the user may encounter certain issues which might prevent it from continuing with the daily tasks that have to be completed. One such problem is that when the user tries to send an email like a transaction or a report from their software account to Outlook, the email doesn’t respond favourably. This situation is a little worrisome as the user is unable to connect with their mail system to send over important details. In order to resolve the issue, Intuit has provided 5 feasible solutions for the user to perform under the expert guidance of QuickBooks professionals.

Causes of Error: Unable to Send Email from QuickBooks to Outlook:

  • Email setting is not configured appropriately.
  • MAPI32.dll file is corrupted or damaged.
  • The software is running under the admin account.
  • Installation of the software is damaged
  • Outlook installation is damaged
  • Outlook is open in the background while the user is trying to mail through the software.

In order to resolve this error user can try to follow any of the resolution listed below, however, if the user wants a quick and easy way of solving the problem, then it is recommended to follow all the resolution in the same manner as they are listed and try to access the software after every resolution.

Solution 1: Make sure the QuickBooks Account is not opened with Admin Credentials

  •    Move the cursor to the icon of QuickBooks, right click on it and then click on Properties option.
  •    Next, click on the Compatibility option and then uncheck the box against Run this Program as Administrator. In case the option of Run as Administrator is greyed, then move to select the option labelled ‘Show Settings for All Users’.
  •    Now click on the OK tab.
  •    Exit from the software and restart it to apply changes.

Solution 2: Make Sure Email Configuration Setting is not Restrictive towards QuickBooks

In case the user has integrated their Microsoft Outlook application with Microsoft Exchange Server, then it is recommended to first log in to their Outlook account and then perform a check for QuickBooks preference settings, through following steps:

  •   Open QuickBooks software, select Edit option followed by Preferences and then Send form tab.
  •   Select the option labelled My Preference tab and then set the email option with the field that is to be used and then clicks on the OK tab.
  •   In case the preference set is correct then the user needs to toggle between the settings:
    a.     Click on the Edit tab, followed by Preference tab and then Send forms option
    b.     Select my preference tab, click on QuickBooks email and then on OK tab.
    c.     Choose the edit option again and then the preference tab.
    d.     Lastly, click on the Outlook option and select the OK button
  •   Now close the software along with other applications as well.
  •   Restart both Windows and QuickBooks
  •   Try to email the required report and transaction

Solution 3: Make sure email configuration and preference is set correctly for Internet Explorer

  •    Close the software – QuickBooks and then access Internet Explorer.
  •    Select tools from the menu and then Internet Options followed by Programs tab.
  •    Under this option ensure that the email configuration option is correct as the default email application, such as, in case the user wishes to send mail using Microsoft Outlook, Outlook email option should be selected as a default email application. Similarly, if the user wishes to send mail using Microsoft Outlook Express, Outlook Express email option should be selected as a default email application. Click on the appropriate option and then press the OK button.
  •    Close the Internet Explorer application, open QuickBooks software and then try to email the report or transaction.

Solution 4: Reinstall QuickBooks:

If the above solution does not resolve the email error, then the next step is to completely uninstall the QuickBooks software and reinstall it as it is possible that the software is damaged.

Solution 5: Repair Outlook:

Reinstalling QuickBooks also doesn’t work then the error is at the end of Outlook program which requires to be repaired. The process is quite technical and complex in nature which should be handled by professional IT technicians.

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The above listed five solutions should help to resolve the issue easily. However, if the error still persists user is required to contact the QuickBooks technical support team of QuickBooks instantly and inform them about the error in full detail. For more information on the same or to resolve any issue faced with the software, you can call us, that is accountsportal.co, on our toll-free number – ☎+1-800-796-0471. Moreover, the online chat option can also be availed by browsing through our website – Accountsportal.co.