Sage 50 Cannot Be Started: What to Do?

Sage 50 Can’t Be Started

The user may face multiple errors while working on their computer. One of the most common errors arises on the computer that says Sage 50 cannot be started. If the users are getting this error, they can reboot their PC or they can directly call our Sage software support number. Our tech support team has Sage trained professionals who are capable to fix the error as soon as possible.

Now we are describing some causes and resolution steps for the error.

What are the causes of the Sage 50 Cannot Be Started?

Not running and missing Pervasive

Due to Microsoft .NET Framework errors

  • Improper data path
  • Missing or damaged files in the data path
  • While opening the file the user is not able to open the file.
  • Due to inaccurate permissions set
  • Due to block on Firewall and Antivirus Pervasive or other Sage 50 software
  • Enable the Internet Protocol version 6
  • System unable to ping the server by IP Address, by name
  • A system cannot get a hostname
  • Sometimes the system name is up to 12 characters, it could be one reason behind the error
  • No space available in the hard drive
  • Blocking of User Account Control
  • Malware or virus newly originated on the computer
  • Missing or Damaged files in the company folder
  • Incomplete installation or damaged program files
  • Due to internet security blocking, the user may face the error.
  • Dropped VPN connection
  • Due to network server error, the user may face the error on their system
  • Sometimes the user runs the program in compatibility mode
  • No mapped Drive for administrator
  • Corrupted and damaged Windows User profile
  • Corrupted and damaged program files
  • Incorrect Remote Desktop Connection drive mapping
  • Blocking Pervasive Symantec Endpoint Protection

How can I resolve the Sage 50 Cannot Be Started?

The user can follow below resolution steps to fix the error.

Resolution 1: The user can follow the below resolution steps to fix the error.

  • Right tick on the Sage software and tick on the Properties
  • Tick on the Compatibility tab, then you can remove the checkmark and click on next to run this application in compatibility mode
  • If not checked already, place a checkmark to the left of Run this program as an administrator. Note: If UAC is enabled, this checkmark will have to be removed
  • Important Note: Enable the UAC and checkmark on the icon of removed.
  • Click on apply and tick on the ok button.
  • Now the user can check the error on their system

Resolution 2: Unmark the run in this program as an administrator:

  • Right tick on the Sage icon and left tick on the Properties
  • Tick on the Compatibility tab, and erase the checkmark on the Run this program as an administrator.
  • Tick on applying and tick ok

Resolution 3: Restart Pervasive

  • The user can restart the Pervasive to remove the error.

Resolution 4: Check Data path Permissions

  • Here the user needs to check the data path permissions to fix the Sage error. They can follow the steps. After following the steps, the user needs to check the error status.

Resolution 5: Reinstall using Run as Administrator

  • Right tick on the Maint.exe and tick on run as Administrator
  • Choose the Repair when prompted
  • Complete the installation and check the error.

We hope the above resolution steps will be helpful for the users. In case the user still faces the error on their system, they can directly contact our Sage software support number 1-800-796-0471. We have our professional team of Sage experts to manage your concerns and queries. The user can contact us through a call, email or Sage chat support 24*7.