QuickBooks Login Error: Simplest Way Out to Retain the Access Back

How to Rectify Login issue with QuickBooks?

QuickBooks is a widely used accounting software in the world. Million of companies, today use this path-breaking software as it comes with many perks. QuickBooks helps organizations in managing their finances, customers, inventory and vendors. In fact, it assists in all aspects of sales, finances, expenses, and payroll. Through its report feature, organizations can track a major part of their business operations. This software has gained popularity all around the globe not only for its powerful features but also for being user-friendly.

However, QuickBooks is just software in the end and that’s why it runs into problems affecting the business performance of any organization. A very common issue that most users face is QuickBooks Login error. Most people are not able to access the sign-in window or when trying to log in they get a message Error 404: File not found or QuickBooks not available. This issue is not very complicated and can be fixed by the solutions that will be discussed later in this article.

Causes of QuickBooks Login Error

  • When the user is trying to login using Remote access and is unable to log out from the previous session
  • This error also occurs if the user is logged into the company file from another workstation
  • Issues in the network

Solutions of QuickBooks Login Error

The QuickBooks Login Error can be easily fixed by the below-mentioned solutions. If the problem still doesn’t get solved then seek assistance from the QuickBooks customer support team.

Solution 1: Close all QuickBooks Processes

  1.    The first thing to do is End all open QuickBooks process
    •    Open Task Manager by pressing Ctrl +Alt+Delete
    •    Then click on the process tab
    •     Choose Image Name to sort processes alphabetically
    •     Right click on all processes that begin with QB.
    •     Now click on End Process
  2.    Open QuickBooks Desktop and Login to the company file
  3.    If you are unsuccessful restart the server which has and hosts and all the QuickBooks files.
  4.    After restarting the server open QuickBooks in another workstation
  5.    From here login to the company file
  6.    If you are still unable to log in then log in as a different user
  7.    In case you do not remember Username or Password the connect your QuickBooks Administrator for setting the sign in credentials.
  8.    And if you are a QuickBooks Administrator
    •     Click on the reset tab on the login window and answer the challenge question
    •      If the problem persists, then choose the link to the Intuit Automatic Password Removal Service
    •      The Use the Automated Password Reset for QuickBooks Desktop
  9.    If it doesn’t work restore back and enter data again

Solution 2: Check Security Settings

  1.    Click on Tools in the Internet Settings
  2.    Then click on Internet Options
  3.    After this click on Advanced tab
  4.    In the security, section ensure that you Do Not Save encrypted pages to disk
  5.    Click on OK
  6.    Once done select File and then click on Close

If the problem of QuickBooks Login error still doesn’t get solved, then get in touch with our QuickBooks tech support team which will provide an instant solution. We ensure and educate users to make the best use of the software. Also, our experts customize the setting of the QuickBooks application as per business needs.

For any queries related to QuickBooks, feel free to connect with our QuickBooks experts anytime, anywhere via our ☎+1-800-796-0471.