QuickBooks Error -6135, -1005

Pestered with QuickBooks Error Code -6135, -1005? Quick & Easy Resolutions

QuickBooks software is a robust creation, manufactured helping businesses to create a higher-value proposition for customers. This value-adding software has witnessed immense growth owing to differentiation, competitive advantage and customer value that it offers to its clientele. There is no denying the fact that QuickBooks makes the business a real breeze. It allows organizations from all walk of life to efficaciously maintain and manage their finances without negotiating on security, performance, and accuracy.  If reports are to be trusted a horde of organizations are shifting gears to this accounting and payroll software to manage their finances in a seamless manner.

However, like other software applications, QuickBooks may also generate a few errors that can hinder smooth business functioning. One such error is QuickBooks Error -6135,-1005. Apparently, error -6135,-1005 happens when a user tries to access QuickBooks company data file in the old or previous version of the QuickBooks application, which was updated in the latest edition of QuickBooks. To put it simply, the issue implies that files may have got jammed somewhere or still open on some system. Also, it suggests that the treatment of the file has completely failed.

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This article is an attempt to highlight some quick ways to fix QuickBooks Error Code -6135, -1005:

Before we get into the solution, let’s first understand why this error occurs:

Why is this error occurring?

One of the possible reasons for this irking error can be hosting for the file has been lost, if the user has used the file in multi-user mode on multiple computers with multiple users. Going forward, this error can also arise if the user tries to open a company file of QuickBooks in the older QuickBooks edition which was upgraded to the advanced QuickBooks edition.

  • The company file is still opened in the background, or it may be stuck in somewhere else
  • Company File Hosting has got failed

Now, let’s move to the resolution of QuickBooks error -6135 -1005?

Here we go…

Simple Steps to resolve this error:

  • Ensure you have opened company file in the newest version of QuickBooks on which file was opened last time
    • Go to File > Open or restore company > Open company file > Browse for the file & open it
  • Try to restart computer which contains company file, if the file being used on the stand along/server computer then restart computer & try to access the data file
  • Note: If the company file is saved on a different computer or the web, you need to reboot the host PC or Web
  • If the file is used over the network via server then re-scan database server manager. You have to go to the main computer from where the file is being hosted
  • Open all programs & start the QuickBooks Database Server Manager folder from QuickBooks folder
  • Opt for the Scan Folders
  • Press add folder (if there are no folders existing). Instead, highlight the folder with the files and press on the scan
  • Validate that the company files in problem points in the bottom box with the label of “QB Company
  • Try opening the company file once again

It might be possible that these solutions may resolve your issue or you may need to try all of the suggestions. In case, if you are still juggling with QuickBooks error, connect with our QuickBooks customer support team to seek immediate resolution for your problems. This failure can be fixed by the experts of the QuickBooks tech Support team over the call, or through email support. You can seek support from wherever you are by connecting with our ardent professionals from the comfort of your home/office.

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