QuickBooks Error 6032 -158: QuickBooks Unable to Access Company File

QuickBooks software, since the time of its inception, has garnered insurmountable appreciation from the users as the software has lessened the burden of managing the tedious but imperative financial tasks which if done wrongly can subsequently impact the business with a huge financial crisis. QuickBooks has opened up a way for the business owners to concentrate and focus more on those activities which could bring in more profit and grow the company to the next level.

QuickBooks, structured by Intuit – financial software manufacturer, was designed with the aim of providing aid to business owners, accountants and bookkeepers in managing and maintaining financial activities of the business and getting authentic as well as reliable result like correct filing and on time payment of payroll taxes, keeping track of cash flow, timely salary payment to employees and garnering credit payment from clients, training and programming, hosting and top notch professional features like online services accorded with Cloud hosting etc. The software can be hosted not only on Windows but also on Linux server.

In order to garner cost-effective resolution user can get connected with the proficient technical support team of QuickBooks support who are not only quite experienced but also have a lot of knowledge regarding the errors and issues that can be encountered with QuickBooks software. The support can be contacted at any time and from any place via QuickBooks Support Number. The solution can be imparted by way of online modes or offline. Resolution regarding issues surrounding the installation process, import & export of data etc can be easily acquired by the technical support team.

Figure out the reason behind the occurrence of QuickBooks Error 6032 -158

Any resolution for all issues, irrespective of the nature of the error, can be understood easily if the reason behind encountering such error is understood by the user. For this same purpose reasons for QuickBooks Error 6032, -158 is stated below:

•     There is some issue with the internal database that results in the occurrence of QuickBooks Error 6032 -158.
•     The company file that was either imported/exported or the backup file of the same company file has somehow damaged or corrupted the original company file.
•     Situations like wherein QuickBooks file of Windows, the backup was created for Mac but is being saved in Windows operating system only.

Above scenario and reasons usually result in user encountering QuickBooks Error 6032, -158 while trying to open the company file.

Manual Resolution for QuickBooks Error 6032, -158 as provided by QuickBooks technical support team

A swift and easy way of resolving the QuickBooks Error as accorded by the QuickBooks error support team for QuickBooks Error 6032 -158 is enumerated below. They claim that with this method the error can be resolved within the time limit of 20 minutes.

  • First and foremost try to open the data file in the last version of QuickBooks software and start to convert it from that version to current after redesigning the file from scratch.
  • In case the new and current version of QB has overwritten on the last version, then the user will need to uninstall and reinstall both the versions of QuickBooks in two separate folders. This will also help to access both the version of software simultaneously on one computer system.
  • Now open the older version of QuickBooks from which the company file was upgraded and updated. In case that version is unavailable then the user will need to locate it and reinstall that QuickBooks version before restructuring the company file.
  • The backup file created of the company files needs to be restored again.
  • Now the user first needs to run the tool called Verify Data Utility while keeping the data file open and running. After this, another tool called Rebuild Data Utility needs to be performed.
  • Ensure that the location in which backup file is saved is known to the user at the time of rebuilding the data.
  • Now download and install the current version of QuickBooks and double click on the company file followed by accepting terms and conditions that will help to install the updates of the QuickBooks software.
  • Once the process is completed, open your QuickBooks software.

These steps should easily resolve the QuickBooks Error 6032 -158 and ensure that the same error is not encountered in future. However, if the error still persists, contact the QuickBooks support team via QuickBooks Technical Support Number which is a Toll-Free Number to get connected with the Accountsportal.co QuickBooks support team.