How to Fix Sage Error Code 1402

Sage 50 is an outstanding bookkeeping software but there are instances when you encounter a certain technical error like Sage Error Code 1402. You will receive this error code when your pervasive is not working. The main cause for this Sage error is the issue with registry or permission that are not configured properly. It generally occurs in the U.S. edition of Sage 50. You will see the following error message on your screen when you encounter the Sage 50 error Code 1402.

Error: “1402 Pervasive has stopped working.”

Message received during installation that Windows Vista/Windows Server 2008/Windows 7.


Sage experts have suggested following the steps below in order to resolve your Sage Error Code 1402.

  • Solution I: Issues with Registry Keys
  • Go to Start menu on the taskbar.
  • Choose Run or from your keyboard press the Windows Key and R
  • The Run Command window will appear.
  • In the search field, type regedit and press OK.
  • The Registry Editor window will open on your screen.
  • Browse to the location below:
  • Right-click on the option Components and then select Permissions.
  • Press Advanced
  • The Advanced Security Settings will open for Components window.
  • Go to Owner
  • Note down the current owner.
  • Go to Change owner section and highlight the current logged in User.
  • Click on the checkbox for Replace owner on sub-containers & objects.
  • Go to Apply
  • If you receive the Registry Editor and you are unable to set owner on the key which is currently selected, or you receive a sub-keys error message then you can dismiss the error and press OK.
  • Choose the OK option for Advanced Security Settings in the Components window.
  • Go to Advanced
  • The Advanced Security Settings for Components window will open on your computer screen. Press the Owner
  • Take note of the current owner.
  • In the Change owner to section, highlight the Administrators
  • Select the checkbox for the option Replace owner on sub-containers and objects.
  • Click on Apply
    Note: If you receive the Registry Editor and you are unable to set owner on the key currently that is selected, or you receive an error message for some of its subkeys then you can simply dismiss the error, and then press the OK button.
  • Select the OKbutton that is present on the Advanced Security Settings for Components window.
  • Close all Registry Editor windows and install Sage 50.

With the solution mentioned above, you can easily resolve your Sage 50 error Code 1402. You can also try to uninstall and then re-install the software. By doing so, you can resolve the problem. In case your error still persists then you should contact for assistance. They are a Sage technical support team of Sage that provides round the clock assistance. To contact them, you just have to call on their customer support toll-free number ☎+1-800-796-0471 from your phone. They will resolve all your Sage related queries.