How to Fix Sage 50 Install Error 1608

Sage 50 Error Code 1608 is also called as Installation error as it occurs when you are trying to install the Sage 50 accounting software. It is similar to other Sage 50 installation error like Error Code 1605. It is a common error that can be seen on the Microsoft Windows Operating System. You can even come across this error when you are installing the ACT7 SQL Server 2008R2 on your system and the following error message will get displayed on your computer system:

“MsiGetProductInfo failed to retrieve ProductVersion for package with Product Code = ‘{GUID}’. Error code: 1608.”

As you encounter the Sage 50 Error Code 1608, you won’t be able to create an “InstallDriver instance”. There are various reasons that may be responsible for this error code, like:

  • You are not logged in as Administrator.
  • Issues with Windows registry or installshield.

Resolution For Sage Error 1608:

Here are some solutions that are mentioned in this article that will help you in resolving your Sage 50 Error Code 1608:

Solution I:

  • Run install driver for exe and Idriver2.exe. These files are located in the system’s C:\ drive.
  • Run the Appeon setup.exe

Solution II:

  • Go to Control Panel.
  • Click on Systems and then select the advanced
  • Go to Performance option and then click on Virtual Memory.
  • Apply the recommended changes like initials and size.
  • Go to Control Panel again and click on System.
  • Select the Advanced option and then go to Performance.
  • Click on Virtual Memory.
  • Change the initials and enter 0 in the maximum size
  • Reboot your system.
  • Again set your file to your preferred size.
  • This process will re-create a page file.

Solution III:

  • Verify that IDriver is installed completely.
  • Verify for the following listed files in the location provided “directory C:\Program Files\Common Files\InstallShield\Driver\8\Intel 32”.
    • dll
    • dll
    • exe
    • dll
    • dll
    • dll
  • Run regsvr32 for all the files except “_ISRES1033.dll and Idriver.exe” but run “idriver/regserver” for them.

 Solution IV:

  • Go to Windows Start
  • Open the Run command
  • In the search field, type regedit.
  • Windows Registry window will open on your screen.
  • Browse for the following location on your system HKEY_Classes_Root\Installer\UpgradeCodes.
  • Click on the UpgradeCodes
  • Through Selected Branch export range, export UpgradeCodes
  • Rename this folder to UpgradeCodesOld.
  • Manually install Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2.
  • Import the previously exported folder UpgradeCodes.
  • Launch the installation process for Sage ACT!

Sage experts have suggested the solutions that are mentioned in this article. With the solutions above, you can easily resolve your Sage 50 Install Error 1608. In case, your error still persists even after following all the solutions, then it is recommended that you contact Sage technical support expert. You can reach out to “” for assistance. You just have to give a call on their toll-free number ☎+1-800-796-0471. They provide 24*7 customer support services, so you can call them at any point of time.