How to Fix QuickBooks Error 6000: When Opening a Company File

QuickBooks is an accounting tool developed by Intuit. It’s mainly used by medium and small businesses. However, despite being a great accounting tool, QuickBooks has a lot of errors. This lead to Intuit coming up with a QuickBooks File Doctor, a tool used to correct some of the errors. This tool, however, cannot manage to completely manage all errors.

To solve an error, the user needs to clearly understand first the reason behind the said error. In this blog, we are going to cover QuickBooks most common error, QuickBooks Error Code 6000. This QuickBooks error comes in various forms due to various reasons as to why the error arose. We shall discuss three of the main variations which are Error 6000 -77, Error 6000 -80 and Error 6000 -83.

1) QuickBooks Error 6000 -77.

This error is mainly caused by the following instances:

  • If the company file is being opened by sourcing it from a mapped drive.
  • The company files being stored on an external drive instead of a network or local drive.
  • The folder files containing the company file having incorrect permissions.

Solution to Fix Error 6000 -77.

Once you encounter this error, the first thing to do is restart you QuickBooks and increase administrator permission. However, in other cases, it might still persist. When this happens, follow the below steps.

       I.   Start the QuickBooks utility tool File Doctor and try resolving the problem.
II.  In the case where the company file was located in external storage, relocate it to the network drive. Restart QuickBooks after this.
III.  Finally, if the sourcing of the company file was on a mapped drive, select the right server in the settings. To choose the right server go to file>> open or restore company>> open a company file>> network places>> entire network. From here you can select the right server and restart QuickBooks.

2) QuickBooks Error 6000 -80.

The error may come up as a result of the following occurrences.

  • A corrupted company files.
  • Poor or no connection at all to the server.
  • Having two or more computers acting as the host.
  • Conversion of data in the company file via the network.

Solutions to Fix Error 6000 -80.

Error 6000 -80 can be resolved using various ways as explained below.

  • Ensure your server and network system is up to date with the latest version.
  • Update and restore the company file and backfile, after relocating the files to your local drive.
  • You can launch the File Doctor and see if the problem is resolved.

3) QuickBooks Error 6000 -83.

The message displayed once you get this error is “Error -6000, -80: An error occurred when QuickBooks tried to access the Company file”

Causes of Error.

  • Incomplete installation of QuickBooks.
  • Lack of permission to the server to access the Company File.
  • The user accessing the Company File is not permitted to do so.
  • Blocking access to the Company File by security software.
  • A damaged “.qbw” company files.
  • Multiple servers hosting the same QuickBooks.

Solutions to Fix Error 6000 -83.

This Error is solved depending on what brought up the Error in the first place. Below are some of the instances:

I. Opening the Company File from a Windows Server. You can solve via:
• Launch File Doctor and try and see if it will be resolved.
• Ensure that QuickBooks is configured on one system.

II. Opening the Company File from Linux Server. You will configure Linux Database, ensure you specify “Initord.conf” then restart QuickBooks.

III. Error occurred when creating a backup. To solve this error just create a backup manually and create in the drive C a new folder and store it there.

In order to resolve and recover the software from any of the above errors, the customer can avail swift support for their QuickBooks software by contacting QuickBooks Support Number through various modes like online chat, tutorials, guidance from experts etc.